Experience from the past AYBAKLAR NUTS

Our company is the center of confectionary sunflower seeds began operations in Turkey in 1999 in the town of Kahramanmaras Elbistan. In Turkey, confectionary sunflower quality of Aybak started with AS for long years has been the difference in the quality of the technology and leadership by combining industry.

Aybak during production closely follow technological developments critical screened at checkpoints last sunflower seeds are produced in the untouched hygienic and sanitary conditions , as well as stored by making long screening without taking the tank to maintain the freshness and cleaning of sunflower seeds offered to customers. In this way the life of the sunflower staling product is extended to 6 months.

These days Aybak offers all Turkey and confectionary wholesale nuts firms in consuming countries in the world confectionary sunflower seeds sunflower seeds